Nebo Welding Students Pay it forward to Spanish Fork City

Submitted by roxann.hoffman on Wed, 12/13/2017 - 14:07

Welding Expo 2018 Kickoff

Over thirty students and advisors met Monday, November 6 for the opening kickoff for the 2018 Welding Expo. Students started with a rehabilitation project for Spanish Fork fairgrounds. This included removal of damaged support material from viewing bleachers and the installation of permanent fork lift raceways to allow easy pick up and placement of the bleachers. Spanish Fork City has been a loyal supporter of the event each year and the students were eager to help in paying it forward. After the fabrication project students met and discussed the changes in this year’s event. It will be held in the outdoor arena and several new categories have been added. The group feels there will be something for everyone this year as it moves forward. Thanks everyone for your support.

J. Merrill Hallam