Student Has Oppurtunity to Intern with Springville City Attorney John Penrod

Submitted by nikki.argyle on

Exciting news! I am thrilled to share that Liberty Jenkins, a high school student, has been interning with Springville City Attorney John Penrod. Throughout her time with the attorney's office, Liberty has had the opportunity to watch court proceedings, learn about the files used in court, read police reports, and even watch police cams.

This internship has given Liberty a firsthand look into the legal system and has allowed her to gain invaluable experience in the field. It is evident that she has worked hard and shown a deep commitment to learning and growing during her time with the office.

I have no doubt that Liberty's dedication and hard work will serve her well as she continues on her academic and professional journey. Congratulations to Liberty on this incredible achievement, and best of luck in all your future endeavors!

Chris Thomas