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And so the food truck adventure begins...

Don't call us crazy, call us entrepreneurs! Our Business and Media Production CAPS, NeboCAPS and ALC students are excited to announce that we will be converting a school bus into a working mobile food truck this year. The bus was delivered on Friday and we are BEYOND excited!  The bus was purchased at auction for our NeboCAPS students through the Nebo School District CTE department.  Our ever fearless CTE Coordinator, Alan Ashton, drove to Arizona to hand-deliver the bus to us.

After completion, Mrs. Ewell's Capstone students will actually run the "BottleCAPS" soda bus as a business. The bus will serve sodas and sweets and a portion of the profits will be donated to local Nebo School District schools and activities as a fundraiser.  This is experiential career and technical learning at its best!  Our CAPS students will also be producing branded shirts, hats, bags, and cups.  

Students are currently working with local entrepreneurs and mentors like Jamis Obrien (Lone Tree), Brian Halley (Right Think), Fiiz Salem, Lisa Mulvey (Chug A Lug Soda Truck), and Wes Christensen (KMA Architects) to complete this massive project.  Current tasks include creating a logo, slogan, social media profiles, architectural drawings, menus items, and getting a business license and permits through Utah County.

Watch for many more photos and details to come...🥤

Bottle Caps - Experimental Learning and Nebo CAPS Mobile Food Truck Conversion

Amy Ewell