Spanish Fork High School Pro-Start Students take a Culinary Field Trip

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 Pictured below:  Front Row (R to L): Brennan Peine, Brandi Fausett (Teacher), Taelyr Skollingsberg, Sarah Kelly, Addison Romney.

Back Row (R to L): Robbie Anderson, Emily Docter, Brodey Heil, Breann Brooks, Benjamin Hard, Melissa Monroe, Sadie Taylor, Sam Christensen, Youngjin Tayler (Student Teacher), and Kaden Bringhurst


Spanish Fork High School’s Prostart crew took a cultural field trip to the Asian Market in Orem.  Students are learning about the flavors, ingredients and traditional foods of a variety of cultures around the world.  At the Asian Market, students were able to taste many different Asian foods at the Café, such as Korean, Japanese, and Chinese foods.  Then students roamed through the store on a scavenger hunt to observe the usual and unusual ingredients and foods used in Asian foods such as tobiko (fish roe), seaweed, shrimp crackers, bamboo and durian fruit, among many other amazing and traditional ingredients.

Brandi Fausett