SFHS FFA Club Shines at State Convention

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On March 14-16 the Spanish Fork FFA took 50 students to the State FFA Convention in Logan Utah.  Students were able to compete, participate in workshops, listen to motivational speeches, and be entertained. Our chapter was able to see a lot of success. 

 The following students participated in each of the categories.   Proficiency Award: Agricultural Proficiency Awards honor FFA members who, through supervised agricultural experiences, have developed specialized skills that they can apply toward their future careers. Students can win in 50 different categories. This year our chapter had eight state winners (ten regional winners). This accounts for 20% of all overall winners in the state (an amazing feat!).  The following were our state winners. Their applications will go to Nationals and if selected as top four they will interview there.
  • Kyle Clark- Agricultural Mechanics Design and Fabrication - Entrepreneurship
    • Kyle restores tractors. He has done custom work or buys tractors to restore and sale
  • Chase Holt - Agricultural Sales Entrepreneurship 
    • Chase has a business of selling small straw bales for decorative purposes. He has also expanded to sell corn stalks
  • Porter Olsen - Agriscience Animal Systems 
    • Porter has done research studies on turkeys and the best methods for their growth. His findings could help turkey farmers increase their gains and profit.
  • Zackery Prior - Dairy Production Placement
    • Zackery works at a dairy in their feedlot. He feeds out dairy breeder bulls and then selects the ones he thinks will best sell and markets them.
  • Stran Sorensen - Diversified Agriculture
    • Stran works for his family in their beef cattle feedlot, and breeding animal operation. In addition he works with the corn and forage crops.
  • Kacie Jones - Diversified Horticulture 
    • Kacie works for a greenhouse, the school greenhouse and local florist. In addition she has done her own floral work. 
  • Tanner Voorhees - Sheep Production 
    • Tanner has a small flock of 10 ewes. He exhibits sheep at shows throughout Utah. 
  • Kalley Stubbs - Vegetable Production
    • Kalley has a three quarter acre garden where she harvests crops. She sells them at the local farmers market and online.
Star Award: Utah FFA annually recognizes FFA members who rise to the top with the State Star Awards and State Star Greenhand Awards. These members have gone above and beyond in their attitude, involvement, community service and supervised agricultural experience. Finalists for these awards have mastered skills in production, finance, management and/or research.
  • Porter Olsen 
    • 2nd Runner Up Agriscience Star
    • Porter has done research studies on turkeys and the best methods for their growth. His findings could help turkey farmers increase their gains and profit.
  • Russell Mangelson
    • State Star Greenhand in Production
      • Russell owns his own small flock of eight ewes. He shows sheep at shows throughout the Western United States. 
    • 1st Runner Up State Star in Agribusiness 
      • Russell has a business deal where he supplies Reams Grocery Store with local lamb at least once a week.
 State FFA Degree: Degree earned by productively investing, giving back to the community, and working on their SAE experience. 
  • Katelyn Beckstead 
  • Jaiden Stewart 
  • Noah Runolfson 
  • Zackery Prior 
  • Brooke Sorensen 
  • Corianne Mangelson 
  • Brylee Ferre 
  • Porter Olsen 
  • Chase Holt
  • Kalley Stubbs 
  • Josi Woodhouse 
  • Brooklyn Giles 
  • Kyle Clark 
Agriscience Fair: Students complete a project and compete
  • Ashley Olsen and Russell Mangelson
    • Winner
    • Animal Science Division 4
    • Their study was on adding flax seed to turkey feed. They were also looking at if Omega 3 would increase in the meat.
  • Rylei Voorhees
    • Winner
    • Food Products and Processing Division 3
    • Her project was on how quickly ground meats reached a temperature at which they could grow bacteria in different ambient temperatures
  • Jesse Shepherd
    • Winner
    • Animal Science Division 3 
    • He studied the effect that the age of a chicken has on the phosphorus and nitrogen levels in the manure
  • Brylee Ferre and Noah Runolfson
    • Participant
    • Social Systems Division 6
    • They studied the effect that the Animal Lab had on the local stockshow and students participating in all three circles of Agricultural Education
  • Maryn Orton 
    • Participant
    • Plant Systems Division 3
    • She studied the effect that different potting mediums have on plant growth
Employment Skills LDE: Job Interview Competition
  • Corianne Mangelson
    • Top 6 Finalist
    • There were close the 30 participants!
Nominating Committee: Choosing the  State FFA Officers 
  • Katelyn Beckstead 
    • Katelyn spent all of convention listening to interviews and participating in choosing the state officer team. Throughout the weekend Katelyn listened to over 200 interviews in order to find the right six people for the job
State Officer: Retiring Address and running convention
  • Kacie Jones - State Treasurer 
    • Kacie delivered a great message on being your self and allowing the experiences you have in life shape you but not define who you are
    • She has worked hard all year in putting on conferences, conventions, and workshops

Creed: Public Speaking Contest

  • Ashley Olsen 
    • Area 5 Representative 
    • Top 20 in the State
Delegates: Students were able to be a part of the process for change in the state
  • Brooke Sorensen
  • Jessica Olsen
Honorary State Degree: Award given to those who help serve the Utah FFA Association
    • Dwight and Brenda Liddiard
  • Kaylee Liddiard
Image removed.Chapter Awards
  • 100% Membership
    • We are an affiliated chapter where all students enrolled in a class are FFA members
  • 5 Star Chapter
    • Meet qualifications to show that our chapter is at the top of it's game
  • Superior Chapter
    • Chapter plans and carries out a minimum number of activities that meet specific goals and requirements
Kaylee Liddiard