CTE Month Teacher Spotlight - Katie Kelly

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In Nebo School District, we have amazing CTE teachers! We are so grateful for all that they do for our students, parents, and for our district. February is CTE Month and to celebrate our teachers we would like to spotlight them and share a few fun facts we have learned about each of them.

Katie Kelly has been teaching for 2.5 years. She currently teaches at Payson High School and teaches Digital Business Apps, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Digital Media, and runs the school Social Media Team!

The best thing about her job is helping students find something they are passionate about.

In her spare time, she enjoys trying new restaurants, traveling, and hanging out in my backyard.

When asked if she could live anywhere in the world they wanted,  she said Puerto Rico!

If there was anything she could not live without she said, “My planner... I write so many lists. It's the only way I can keep organized.”

Her favorite food is any form of potatoes but if she had to only eat one food for the rest of her life it would be Street Tacos.

If Katie had a warning label it would say, “Warning: SCATTER BRAIN.”

When asked what animal she would be and she said, “Some type of bird. Flying would surreal.”

Since all teachers are superheroes, when asked what other superhero she would be, Katie said she would like to be Wonder Woman.

Thank you for all that you do for CTE and Nebo School District.

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Nikki Argyle