Utah Senator visits SFHS FBLA Club

Submitted by nikki.argyle on Thu, 10/28/2021 - 08:39

Utah Senator Mike McKell Presents to FBLA Club

FBLA students had the chance to hear Senator Mike McKell teach them about the two “E’s”:  Economics & Entrepreneurship.  He shared facts about the strength of Utah’s economy and students enjoyed a Q&A session with him.  They asked questions about Utah’s housing market, supply chain issues, future employment opportunities, and what his thoughts were on the most critical trait if starting a business;  His answer?  “Persistence” and then he emphasized the value of hard work and taking risks.  Senator McKell was incredibly personable and immediately had a great rapport with students. Abbie Bown, FBLA V.P. said, “I loved that I was able to hear from a politician in person, I didn’t have to have it translated and distorted to me through the media, I got to hear his original thoughts and words! “  Thanks Senator McKell for sharing your knowledge!  Students are always welcome to join FBLA--applications are still being accepted.

Kelly Seale