SFHS Students Earn Microsoft Office Specialists Certificates

Submitted by nikki.argyle on Wed, 05/25/2022 - 07:41

The following students have earned Microsoft Office Specialists certifications in Microsoft Excel and/or Microsoft PowerPoint.  This is a great accomplishment and we are proud of their hard work!

Excel:  Macady Tanner, Emmalyse Beecher, Lily Mason, Rivers Larsen, Jason Martin, Grant Bayless, Dempsey Berry, Kambrie Smith, Connor Brockbank, Briley Hupp, Lacie Ludlow, Megan Oldham, Amelia Lopez, Shalee Burnett, Misael Candia, Luke Graver, Addison Hatch, Britney Shepherd, Ethan Gause, Bonnie Lin, Cora Hansen, Layla Rowley, Allix Harward, Gracyn Cook, Dante Ketchum, Cade Olsen, Benjamin Dimmick, Freyr Christensen, Larissa Thomas

PowerPoint: Macady Tanner, Lily Mason, Grant Bayless, Amelia Lopez, Addison Hatch, Ethan Gause, Bonnie Lin, Cora Hansen, Allix Harward, Gracyn Cook, Dante Ketchum, Benjamin Dimmick

In addition, because the following students earned all three certifications in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, they earned the Microsoft Office Specialist - Associate certification.  Those students are Ethan Gause, Cora Hansen, Allix Harward, Bonnie Lin, Benjamin Dimmick, Dante Ketchum, Grant Bayless, Amelia Lopez, Gracyn Cook, Addison Hatch, Macady Tanner, Lily Mason

Elise Ford