Organic Compost Project at SFJHS

Submitted by nikki.argyle on Wed, 10/20/2021 - 13:32
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Mr. Rawling's asked his Manufacturing Tech students "What can we do with all the extra fruit and vegetables that students are not eating (but throwing away)?"  This sparked the idea of  Organic Recycling.  Students hypothesized turning discarded lunchroom foods into some type of by-product.

Mr. Rawling's SFJHS class began with research, data collection, and observations. They determined that the amount of lunchroom waste was larger than they could handle as a school.  The class contacted Spanish Fork City and proposed the idea to city officials for help and input.  Students met with the city council on October 11th.  The meeting went very well and the city asked if they could see a finished product before moving forward. 

To comply with the city's request, the class has now begun a second phase of the project where their school is using organic cafeteria waste to create compost that will be tested this coming spring in plant beds, parks, flower gardens, and school grounds.

This project is a wonderful example of Nebo district's CTE theme for the year, "I Had Fun," where CTE classrooms are learning by doing and having a lot of fun along the way!

Kelly Seale