Empowering Efficiency: Business Office Specialists Excel and Power their Way to Success

Submitted by nikki.argyle on Mon, 05/22/2023 - 11:50

Mrs. Ford's Business Office Specialist students have earned Microsoft Office Specialists certifications in Microsoft Excel and/or Microsoft PowerPoint.  This is a great accomplishment and we are proud of their hard work!

Microsoft Excel (some not pictured):  McKinley Dawe. Jaxson Marsigli, Ryken Brown, Abigail Rimington, Susannah Seidel, Cade Kennedy, Evan Adamson, Nila Mickelson, Wyatt Mackay,. Callie Parker, Dallin Manning, Preston Condley, Xavier Amonett, Emily Bingham, Gwendolyn Smith, Isabelle Binks, Rosemary Hammond, Brian Sloan, Sarah Schwartz, Sophia Paxman, Olivia Roberts, Carrie Kump, Hanna Rasmussen, Amelia Hanosek, Caleb Thibault, Taylor Jensen, Chance Myers, Charles Bramall, Emmett Burns, Cambrie Nelson, Jonas Gardner, Jatae Bridges, John Herbst, Porter Olson, Ava Hansen, Emily Jensen, Madi Moller, Hannah Peterson, Saide Disbrow, Paige Asay, Ava Swasey, Elsie Wise, Sadie Kelsey, Elias Naulu

Microsoft PowerPoint (some not pictured): McKinley Dawe, Ryken Brown, Susannah Seidel, Nila Mickelson, Emily Bingham, Rosemary Hammond, Brain Sloan, Sarah Schwartz, Olivia Roberts, Caleb Thibault, Charles Bramall, Emily Jensen

In addition, because the following students earned all three certifications in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, they earned the Microsoft Office Specialist - Associate certification.  Those students are Ryken Brown, Emily Bingham, McKinley Dawe, Susannah Seidel, Nila Mickelson, Sarah Schwartz, Brain Sloan, Olivia Roberts, Emily Jensen, Rosemary Hammond, Caleb Thibault, Charles Bramall

Elise Ford