Over 50 Students from Springville’s woodworking classes participated in a Construction Tour.

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Over 50 Students from Springville’s woodworking classes participated in a Construction Tour. Students talked to heard from Oackland Construction, Arive Homes, Crutis Miner Architecture, Fetzer Woodworks, Latyon Construction, D.R. Horton and Fondell Woodworking about trends of the industry and how they can be a part of those trends. Branden Hawkins said, “I liked the real-world application of the skills Billings is teaching me!” Elizabeth Nunez liked the idea of business management within the industry.

Brian Blake

Portrait of a Graduate

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USBE is looking for people to participate in focus groups to discuss what it means to be a successful Utah high school graduate. Teachers, parents, school administrators, and community partners are invited to help develop Utah’s Portrait of a Graduate. You can participate in person or online! To learn more, follow these links:

Sept. 19 (Nebo location): https://www.facebook.com/events/233821983969691/

Payson High Wins Grant for hand tools

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Mrs. Carlson & the Payson Woodshop were awarded a $1,200 grant for handtools in their shop. The largest contributor to the grant was Cedar Hills with other companies contributing to the award as well. The request was for hand tools, like sanders and routers, which get used most frequently in the shop

Brian Blake

Nebo Teachers Learn Coding

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A group of 10 teachers from Nebo School District joined teachers from Alpine and Provo School District to form the first ever Coding Cohort Bootcamp.  CTE leaders from each of the three districts applied for and recieved a grant from the State of Utah to train teachers in coding and help them earn an endorsment in Computer Science and Web Development.  The cohort meets 30 times during the school year to be trained in coding.  Bottega has partnered with the districts to provide industry level training, support, and mentors to each of these teachers.

Nebo District Participated in National FCCLA Leadership Conference

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The 2018 FCCLA National Leadership Conference was held in Atlanta, GA the last week of June. With the theme of "Inspired", 211 students and 92 advisers/chaperones from Utah attended dynamic workshops and break-out sessions, participated in STAR Events, met new people and expanded their leadership potential. Great memories were made at the various tourist Atlanta attractions which included the Coca-Cola Word, Georgia Aquarium, Civil Rights Museum and other locals attractions. 

Jessica Knotts

Nebo Students Place at Skills USA

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Students from Nebo School District took the Bronze Medal at National Skills USA.  SkillsUSA is a United States career and technical student organization serving more than 395,000 high school, college and middle school students and professional members enrolled in training programs in trade, technical and skilled service occupations, including health occupations.

Students from Maple Mountain high School competed in the Metal Fabrication Competiion. A student from Spanish Fork High School competed in the Auto Refinishing Competition.

Jared Massic, Chet Harmer

Maple Mountain High School Spring Showcase

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MMHS celebrated their Spring Showcase this week. Nearly every department in the school was featured.

Auditorium Performances:  Elleves, Dance Company, Dance Classes, Theatre, Choirs, Band, Percussion Ensemble.

CTE Project Displays in the Gym:  Interior Design, Woodworking, Photography, Sewing, Foods/Pro-start, Architecture/Drafting, Art, Ceramics, Welding, Video.

For Sale:  The Greenhouse was open and FFA students sold annual plants and veggies.

Robyn Dunn