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NEBO Welding Invitational 2020

Submitted by nikki.argyle on Wed, 01/22/2020 - 14:18
Shaun Black

January 13, 2020, the Annual Welding Competition was held at MMHS. Salem Hills, Spanish Fork, Maple Mountain, and Springville High School welding programs were in attendance along with neighboring Provo High School. This competition has evolved from a welding competition to also include a fabrication competition, so double the number of students has the opportunity to get involved. Each school was able to bring 6 of their elite students to compete against each other. This competition is patterned after the State SkillsUSA Competition that will be held in Utah this coming March.    

After the results were established each student contemplated their ranking among their peers. The top 3 of the Welding competition were Connor Sheriff-SFHS (1st), Zach Wright-MMHS (2nd), Jarom Hovey-MMHS (3rd) pictured below right. The winners of the fabrication competition were Gavin Dribnack, Colton Archibald, and Matthew Warren-MMHS Fabrication team pictured below left. Congratulations to everyone who participated! Connor, the winner of the welding competition explained, “It doesn’t matter even if you win the competition there is always room for improvement!” 

*Good luck to all those moving onto the SkillsUSA Competition in March*

We would like to thank our industry sponsors Lincoln Electric and Miller Electric and the many sponsors who helped reward the participants of this competition. Their continual support not only motivates students to do their best, but it motivates them to obtain the level necessary to compete in this career path in the future!